Hi3507 Hisilicon camera
  • Hi, i have a Hi3507 camera
    I have failed to connect the camera with securityspy

    Firstly, i have a question
    If i open the web browser for the camera in windows, it will works , because in windows i managed to change it IP address
    But at Mac using safari, to view the live image i need to install Active X widget RSAV.exe
    Are this causing why the security spy can connect with the camera

    Please help and advise
  • Please try this:

    - In the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy, create a new network device.

    - Set the device type to "Manual".

    - Enter the camera's IP address but leave the Port boxes empty.

    - Select "RTSP" from the Format menu.

    - Enter "ch0_0.h264" (without quotes) as the Request

    Please report back and let us know if this works or not!
  • OK its works, thank you so much

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