Application memory
  • I've been having MAC application memory issues lately.
    Looking at my MAC activity monitor I see that Security spy takes up ~800MB
    I have 8 cameras.

    Is this about right?
  • That doesn't seem excessive. Are there other applications running that are shown with high memory usage in Activity Monitor? Are you seeing the memory pressure indicator (under the Memory tab) go past green, to orange or red?

    Are you able to install more RAM into your Mac?
  • Ben
    Thanks for responding.
    Have 40GB RAM on my MAC
    Just wanted to check on Security Spy since it was the highest (~800MB) of the all the apps I recognize in activity monitor.
    Its the apple wierd stuff that is using memory as time goes. I restarted my MAC earlier today and already I have:
    "cloudd" is currently at 28GB
    "nsurlsessiond" at 19GB
    "commerce" as 12GB
    "" at 9GB

    Need to do some reserach on what these are
  • Hi Jim,

    Your Mac has a lot of RAM, which is great, but something is using a lot of it, and it's not SecuritySpy (800 MB is only 2% of 40 GB). The figures you list for those other processes sound really excessive. However, are you actually seeing memory errors, or the memory indicator in Activity Monitor going into the orange or red?
  • Ben
    I receive the run out of memory message.
    My Memory Pressure goes yellow then red.
    I've had some go even higher then the 28GB above.
    Still haven;t found out why or how to stop....
    I force quit them to speed mac up. I did reset my RAM once. No luck.

    becoming a pain....
  • Might be worth looking in Console app to see if something is looping in an error state. Normally that's a good place to find a memory leak. As it happens I think I have a similar thing, with crash reporter using 25% of CPU and generating massive logs.
  • Camguy
    Did look at the console - lots of SIGKILL lines...

    Well I rebooted in Safe mode - did not notice the problem.

    Then rebooted normally and so far the memory issue has not accurred....
  • Safe mode turns off all superfluous kernel extensions, and prevents startup items. So it could be some installed software (beyond the base macOS system) that is sucking up all the RAM. Check the Login Items via the Users & Groups system preference to see if anything looks unusual. Unfortunately this isn't the only way that software can load itself upon startup, but it's the only one that can be inspected easily.

    If this problem persists, I would recommend a fresh install of macOS.
  • Ben Thanks
    so far its been two days and the issue has not returned.

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