12v cameras, POE nightmare
  • Perhaps I'm mistaken but I have just recently purchased a Dahua HFW2831SN-S-S2 camera and appears it is requiring 12v on the POE (ethernet) interface? I'm not getting the camera to power on, I own several other Dahua cameras and connect to my Fortinet Switch POE environment just fine. In reading the manual I notice a reference to "POE 12v". Before I invest much time in this situation, I wanted to get your opinion. I'm using Security Spy, for my other cameras and going to add this new camera into the fold.

  • Not sure what was going on but now seems the camera is working fine off my POE switch. I apologize for the question. I guess what the manual was trying to say, although not very clear, is that the external power input is 12v and wasn't referring to the POE Ethernet interface.

    Ben certainly feel free to remove this thread.

  • Hi Brent, glad you got this working, according to the spec sheet, the power requirement is 12v OR PoE. Do you know why it didn't work initially?

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