Eufy Indoor Cam 2K
  • Has anyone had any luck getting the new Eufy indoor cams to work properly in SecuritySpy? I'm getting at best 1fps, usually closer to 1 frame every 4 seconds. The RTSP feed gives the full expected 15fps in VLC and in Synology's Surveillance Station, so I assume it isn't an issue with the feed itself.

    Here's my settings: and the settings provided in their guide:

    Any ideas or tips from a successful setup? Thanks in advance!
  • Bit of an update: I'm getting the full 15fps after setting it up again with the same settings, but the image quality is garbage.
  • I'm interested in the same thing. Not sure why the quality would be anything less than 2K. Another consideration is the web server that lives inside the little Eufy router, if there was a way to mate that to Security Spy, that's be great. Little 2K cameras that run on battery for year is pretty cool. I have 4 cameras set at a rental property, little them so far. But, I really would like to mate them to SS.

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