• The additional info in the WebLog is interesting and seems helpful, but I am a little concerned about some of the ip addresses I see there. For example, " GET /", " GET /", and "". There isn't much info on those in whois, but none of them should be trying to access my camera site. The question is, does anyone else out there see these unexpected addresses and is there any concern?
  • This isn't necessarily anything to be concerned about. For example, if you use your iPhone to connect to your system when connected to the cell system (4G/5G/LTE etc.), the phone will have a different IP address each time, which you won't recognise in the log. The same goes if you access SecuritySpy's web interface from another computer over the Internet from other locations.

    However the other reason for this is hackers. This is fairly common, unfortunately. Hackers use bots that try random IP addresses with a list of common usernames and password to try to gain access to web servers.

    The best thing you can do to keep yourself safe is to make sure to set strong passwords for all your web accounts in SecuritySpy. As long as you do this, there is very little chance that a hacker can gain access.
  • Thanks for the response. It was hackers I was concerned about. Some of the IPs trying to access my web interface were international. Hopefully my password is enough, it's rated "excellent" and I change it every few months. The new info in the weblog is very helpful and much appreciated - thanks!

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