VPN blocking access to Security Spy
  • When ever I turn on Express VPN on my MAC, it blocks my iphone security spy app from connecting to my MAC and seeing the cameras.

    Has anyone had this issue?
  • Hi Jim, most likely the app is using the Bonjour address to connect, but Bonjour doesn't work over VPN. Please see the Connecting Over a VPN section in the app guide.
  • Ben
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Bonjour is turned off.
    The problem is when I run the VPN on my mac - my MAC IP chnages to something new and odd... xx.xxx.xxx.xx different from the static IP my MAC normally has.
    However My security Spy app on my iphone is still looking for my static ip.
  • All of your traffic may be going through your VPN and none local so you no longer have access to local resources. In Settings/Network under the list of networks on the left click on the gear icon and then Manage Virtual Interfaces. This will allow you to either add a local VLAN or a VLAN for just your VPN.
  • Another way to fix this is to use DynDNS or the built-in web-facing hostname of the server rather than its local net IP. But you need to use a really good username and password.

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