Remote Access Not Working - Zycel 3000z modem
  • Greetings

    I am trying to setup remote access to Security Spy and have followed all of the directions in the manual. However, I am still unable to access my server from the iOS app. I get an unable to connect error. I've made sure to add the IP of the Mac mini and applicable ports to the modem port forwarding and turned off the Mac firewall. Has anyone else run into this issue?
  • I've noticed the same thing. But everything was working fine, nothing has changed config wise on my side. Intranet, no problem. But coming in from the outside, no dice.
  • Disregard my comment, somehow my port forward got turned off. Working here.
  • Hi @ryandenver please email us at and we will help you directly with this issue (as we'll have to check over all relevant settings). When you email, please supply screenshots of the Web settings in SecuritySpy as well as any settings you have set in your router.

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