SecuritySpy iPhone app suggestion - Make Captures easier to go through
  • It would be very nice to better fine tune a search in the Capture files in order to narrow down things and prevent having to scroll through so many recordings. If I want to look at a video from a few weeks ago, it takes forever as I have to scroll down from the newest recordings. Then, after getting through the first 100 files, the page pauses for a bit to load the next set of 100 recordings. So, it's not efficient to quickly find a recording unless it's one you're looking for within the day. I can search these files on my iPhone though my NAS app, but it obviously doesn't have thumbnails and isn't set up as nice as SS. Is it possible in the future to be able to search just a certain day? That would help prevent scrolling through so many videos if that date is a while back.
  • Thanks for the suggestion, I understand the problem you are describing. The iOS app presents a simplified interface, partly due to limited screen space on iPhones. But I agree that a date search would be a useful addition.

    Such a function is available via the web interface and also in SecuritySpy's Browser feature, so for more involved search tasks where you have to go back more than a few days, you may prefer to use one of these two options to speed up the search.

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