Feature request to add advanced motion sensitivity
  • Hi Ben
    Would it be possible to add a scene motion sensitivity adjustment by a certain threshold of pixels the object moves. I usually have one of my two Dahua PTZs looking at a mobile home about 200' away at a zoom of 20x. Sensitivity is set to at least 90% but will usually not detect a person moving.
  • It could be that the mobile home is simply too far away to do effective motion detection - you need the people to be a sufficient size in the frame in order for this to work well - see Achieving Effective Motion Detection section of the user manual.

    If you can send us an image from the camera to support@bensoftware.com we will get a better idea of what can be done to improve the motion detection in this case. Right-click on the camera in SecuritySpy and you will see an option to save an image.

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