[Feature Request] Performance - Stream incoming video frames only when required
  • Similar to the "Decompress incoming video frames only when required" option, it would be helpful to have an option to only stream data from cameras when required (when recording is enabled or a user starts a viewing session). From what I can tell, the decompress option does not control the actual video stream, and the only way to stop it is to disable the camera.

    My problem:
    I have cameras at multiple locations, but would like to centrally manage user accounts and audit stream logs for all sites. Right now, there is one SecuritySpy server for all locations, with VPN links connecting cameras back to the site with the SecuritySpy server. This causes remote cameras to take up valuable internet bandwidth even if they aren't being used for streaming or recording.

    How this would help my use case:
    If this feature/option existed, I could install a local SecuritySpy server at each site for local recording, and the primary SecuritySpy server could be used for viewing only (and would only take up site-to-site VPN bandwidth when actually required.
  • I can understand the issue you are describing with the constant streams, however we have considered such an option before and decided against it, as we believe it wouldn't work too well, and would lead to a bad user experience. SecuritySpy needs a constant stream for many aspects of the software, including motion detection, video display to the screen, web server streaming etc. At best it would introduce additional delays, and at worst it would make the software look unreliable, because delivering a frame when required is much faster and more reliable when you already have an established stream from the camera than when you don't.

    I think the best solution would be to have one Mac at each location, recording only its local cameras. Then, further viewing-only copies of SecuritySpy on any additional Macs at any location can be opened when you need to view all the cameras together, then quit again when you are done viewing. SecuritySpy can be used free of charge for this viewing-only purpose.
  • That makes sense. Is there a way to view cameras from multiple servers at the same time using the mobile app?
  • In our iOS app, you can add multiple servers and easily switch between them, but you can't view cameras from different servers at the same time - you view one server at once. In macOS SecuritySpy (when used for viewing), you add individual cameras from any server and can view cameras from different servers at the same time.

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