green screen
  • Hello, I regularly have green screens and it seems to appear when I use the IOS application. avew you feedback? thank you
  • Green screens indicate decoding problems with the incoming video streams. This is usually due to network issues, so please make sure that the camera(s) in question have a reliable network connection to your Mac (ideally a Gigabit wired Ethernet connection).

    However this should not show as being related to use of the iOS app. The other possibility here is that your Mac is becoming overloaded, and this is leading to decoding problems. Using the iOS can put more load on the server, so if it's already close to capacity, any additional load could cause problems. To check for this, open Activity Monitor, click the CPU tab, and check the "Idle" figure shown in the bottom left. What is this number, both in normal operation, and when using the iOS app? If this falls below around 15%, this indicates that your Mac's CPU is becoming overloaded.

    Other general troubleshooting steps are to make sure your cameras are running the latest firmware available from the manufacturer, and make sure you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy.
  • Thank you very much for those explanations. It's exactly that! lack of memory on my server computer

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