Possiblity to add feature to allow the use of DeepstackAI
  • Hi Ben,

    I wondered if it would be possible for Security Spy to have a new feature. I am running a copy of Deepstack AI https://deepstack.cc/ - it is a solution which allows you to upload a video file via a REST API, a JSON message is returned containing a list of objects the video contains.

    From a security spy point of view it would be great if it could be configured so that on motion capture the resulting video file is sent to a specific URL (or, it could be fixed for just use with deepstack) so that the object detection can take place.

    Thank you!
  • This is interesting, DeepStack AI looks great and has a nice simple interface for providing image data and getting back results.

    What you suggest is possible, however there are some issues. Firstly is the latency may be too high to act on results in real time (e.g. start recording based on some criteria). Secondly, it would require quite a bit of development of SecuritySpy to deal usefully with the results passed back. Presumably you are imagining a whole new suite of controls to allow for the various features that DeepStack offers.

    Finally, it's questionable how accurate it will be for CCTV applications. For this to work well, you need to train your neural networks on real images from CCTV cameras, which have a very different character to normal photos (the former are often grainy, of limited resolution, in various lighting conditions, with the subjects at various locations and orientations etc.). General-purpose computer vision neural networks are trained on general-purpose datasets (such as ImageNet), which don't translate well to CCTV-specific images. Conversely, our own Human and Vehicle neural networks are trained on hundreds and thousands of real CCTV images. So although the functionality is limited compared to what DeepStack offers, our networks are hard to beat in terms of accuracy.

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