on-camera motion detection support for Ubiquiti air cam?
  • Hi, i like that you added support for the Ubiquiti line of AirCam's - great cameras. They recently added on-camera motion detection. do you have any plans to support it? makes for a system that scales very well - extremely low CPU demands on the server.


  • Hi, we are looking at this for a few cameras, but it's difficult to implement because every camera manufacturer implements a different way of getting this information (if it's available at all). If we do start to implement this, we will start with the big manufacturers (Axis, ACTi, Vivotek, Panasonic etc.) but I'll also look at the AirCams to see if this is possible.
  • Thanks.

    BTW, using your search tool to select a camera, you'll see that the UBNT cams are the cheapest. So, the more support you can muster, the better!

    And though they have no IR or PZT, they have announces plans to add soon.

    I'm a fan of UBNT, otherwise unaffiliated.
  • @dalenorman2005

    Do you have the Aircam hardwired or by Wireless bridge? I use a Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco as a bridge for my IP camera and it keeps dropping connection randomly. I was wondering if the Aircam has the same problem when used with Ubiquiti products.

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