Problems with SV3C Cameras
  • Hello all,

    I‘m actually testing SecuritySpy and it really looks interesting. But I’ve a problem with it and how it decode the video stream. Multiple times per minute the Video screen went all green and flipp between green (or gray) and the video. This only happen in the SecuritySpy window and not in the rstp viewer of the camera or Sighthound (that’s the Software I want to replace as a NVR). I’ve tried many combinations like different frame rates, key frame Intervall, h.264 or h.265 main/high/base LAN or WiFi, no setting helped. What can I do to get a permanent stream?
  • Normally these kinds of problems are caused by network issues (e.g. bad WiFi) but if you have tested this on a wired LAN and still get these problems, then this is less likely. Was your Mac also connected by wired Ethernet when you tested the camera with a wired connection?

    What specific camera model are you testing with?

    Could you please try the latest beta version of SecuritySpy and let me know if you see the same problem or not.
  • I’ve two of these one:

    Happen on both cameras but not at the same time. One is on WiFi and one on LAN. Mac Mini is on LAN connected with a gigabit connection. The strange thing is that it happen via SecuritySpy and if I’m watching the same camera via the Camera mobile app the stream is fine. And this never happened with Sighthound on the same network setup. Beta is already installed since yesterday evening.
  • Do you see any errors related to this camera in the log file (File menu in SecuritySpy -> Open Log)?

    I'm trying to get hold of one of these camera so that we can test this here, but it doesn't seem to be available here in the UK. I have emailed SV3C to ask how to obtain one, so hopefully they will be able to help.
  • We can do a Zoom call if this helps to debug a little bit. I've ordered mine via amazon.
  • Where are you located? If you can send me the purchase link you used that would be helpful. It will be much easier for us to test this with our own camera, rather than trying to do this remotely, but that would be a possibility if we are unable to obtain a camera easily.
  • I‘m located in Germany but it seems that the 5MP cam is not available here too at the moment :(
  • There’s no error in the log :(
  • Did you guys ever resolve the issues with SV3C cameras? I too have two of their MP5 cameras connected via Wifi and, whereas I do not experience the green screen, they nevertheless tend to drop off the network with some frequency. When working well, SS still manages to continuous capture only approx. the first 35 minutes of each hour, then drops... and then return the next hour, on the hour. Any way to root cause why I'm missing 25 min. of continuous capture of each hour? There are no errors in the log pertaining to this. Do you recommend I also try the beta version?
  • I couldn't find the exact SV3C model mentioned above, however we have ordered a different but similar model, and when it arrives and we have had a chance to test it, I will report back here.

    @rintintin - with cameras connected by WiFi, frequent disconnections are inevitable. When this happens, SecuritySpy will continually attempt to reconnect to the camera, and when successful, will continue recording as long as the schedule you have set for the camera indicates that the camera should be armed at that time (e.g. you are using the "Armed 24/7" schedule for continuous capture).

    If you are using continuous capture with the "hourly on the hour" option, then you may indeed see some files that are shorter than 1 hour due to these disconnections, however the gaps in the recorded footage should only be short - when the camera reconnects you should see a new file being created, which will then last until the end of the hour (assuming there are no further disconnections within the hour that would break up the files into smaller chunks).

    Check the Browser, which will give you a clear indication of which periods of time throughout the day that captured footage exists. If you think you are seeing anything too unexpected (such as long periods of time where no captured footage exists) then please let me know and we can investigate further.

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