DVR Access
  • Hi ... i already have a dvr camera setup in my office using windows. How can i access it using a mac at home? Safari only gives one camera access. I have 16 cameras. please advise how i can view all the cameras simultaneously?? Thanks
  • SecuritySpy generally doesn't support DVRs as they are typically designed as self-contained units that don't provide standard format streams to third-party applications (and if they do, the manufacturers usually don't make the required technical information about how to access these streams available).

    However if yours works in Safari then there's hope. You would need to find the HTTP or RTSP request that the device uses to send the streams.

    Try this: in Safari, right-click on a camera's live video image and if there is an option that says "Copy image address", select that and paste the resulting address here.

    If there is no such option, then discovering the stream requests will be a bit more difficult. If you can allow us access to your DVR we can have a go - please email us.

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