Y-CAM Bullet
  • Hello,

    Have a Y-Cam Bullet, I can't seem to get it to work successfully with securityspy; I select Y-cam from the list, I add the IP address with no success. Any suggestions? I have lost track of all the options that I select and deselect. And so far nothing seems to work. I'm not sure if it is a settings issue or a compatibility issue. Any assistance is appreciated.


  • Hi Klawd, all Y-cam cameras are compatible with SecuritySpy so it must be a settings issue. Have you followed our instructions for setting up network cameras? Can you connect to the camera at its IP address using a web browser? Check SecuritySpy's log for clues (open SecuritySpy, File menu -> "Open log"). If you're still having problems please email us and attach the log to your email.
  • Thank you for replying Ben, I can connect to the camera via its IP using safari, firefox, chrome, and also mi smartphones. The I changed the port from default to 8001 to keep it close to the default for securityspy. Other than that, I have not made any changes. I thought it was originally because WIFI had issues, but I have it connected via ethernet now and still no luck. As with another user who posted, I didn't have any issues picking up the camera with "Vitamin D". It's probably something silly. I like the web feature of securityspy and would like to use it to it full capacity. Worse case is that I use the built in features of the Y-Cam.

    I will check the logs.

  • Hi Klawd, do you have a "Y-Cam Bullet" or a "Y-Cam Bullet HD"?

    In SecuritySpy, please try all of the Format options - there are several - do any work?

    As you have changed the HTTP port to 8001, make sure you enter this in the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy. If you haven't changed the RTSP port, leave this box empty in SecuritySpy.

    Also, make sure you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy.
  • Hi Ben, I have been on holiday I had to setup a different software temporarily; I did figure out the problem. My network is pretty secure and I did not have a rule allowing port 8001 to be used by SecuritySpy. Once the rule was added, everything ran smoothly. Thank you for all your help.


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