"No files found for the specified search parameters"
  • I'm running SecuritySpy 3.0.4 on OS X 10.8.4.

    My 2 camera setup is very simple. I can view live and captured video. I have a NAS and I'm able to store captured files to an NFS share without any issues. However, the webserver is unable to locate my captured video files. I get the error: "No files found for the specified search parameters".

    Did I miss a configuration setting somewhere that tells the web server to to look for captured files? Is viewing captured files via the web interface not supported when captured files are stored on an NFS share?
  • This is definitely supported. As long as the NAS is mounted on your Mac, SecuritySpy will see and use it just like any other disk.

    This may sound obvious, but check your search parameters. Make sure at least one camera is selected, and leave all other boxes empty (remove any dates you have entered), and all captured footage for the specified camera will be returned. Does that work?
  • I tried changing the search parameters, and I tried what you recommended. Either way, it still comes up with "no files found".

    More configuration details:

    Settings -> Camera Settings -> Capture Destination: volume "cameras"

    $ mount
    freenas:/mnt/vol1/cameras on /Volumes/cameras (nfs, nodev, nosuid, automounted, nobrowse)

    $ ls -1 /Volumes/cameras/SecuritySpy\ Captured\ Files/
    Network camera 1
    Network camera 2

    $ ls -1 /Volumes/cameras/SecuritySpy\ Captured\ Files/Network\ camera\ 2/2013-06-29
    2013-06-29 16 TL Network camera 2.mov
    2013-06-29 17 TL Network camera 2.mov
    2013-06-29 18 TL Network camera 2.mov

    The files are there. The web server just doesn't see them.
  • Still trying to figure this out.

    I was examining the URL that should display the files.


    All of these parameters are self explanatory, except the last one. The last parameter seems to change each time. What does that number represent?
  • Sorry, I'm a bit baffled by this one as we've never had any other reports of this before!

    The number at the end of the URL is simply to stop the web browser caching any of the requests, so it makes a fresh request to the server each time. It is not used by SecuritySpy.

    Can you tell me the make/mode of your NFS? Does it support the AFP protocol (Apple Filing Protocol) and if so, please unmount it and mount it again using AFP rather than NFS (using the Finder's Go -> Connect to Server option and enter afp://nfs-ip-address/).
  • I will try AFP tomorrow. Right now my NAS is an HP Microserver running FreeNAS 8.3.1.
  • I tried AFP. I can see the files. I guess it's an NFS or NFS configuration issue?
  • Thanks for reporting back, yes it must be an NFS issue then. We've never tested with NFS (only AFP) and this is the first report we've had about this. I'll do some testing here with NFS to see if I can fix this for the future.
  • I'm reviving an _extremely_ old thread here, but I thought I'd share my findings here for anybody googling instead of starting a new thread.

    As of August 2020, extended attributes (xattr) is now supported in NFS if you have the kernel 5.9 or higher. I've tested this successfully on Debian (kernel upgraded via backports). Lack of xattr support is why the NFS mount did not work for Security Spy.

    Security Spy can write to the NFS share. It also shows any recorded motion via the web browser, iOS client, and Apple TV client. Seems to be working very well and it is much faster than SMB.

    I was originally going to have an external USB hard drive for captures, but I think I'm going straight to my home server now. I'm only doing motion capture. I'd still go the external drive route if I was doing any continuous recording.

    Anyhow, thought I'd share! I'm a very happy camper. I'm migrating from another popular Windows based NVR.... A few days in to my SS trial, but looks like I'll be purchasing this week :-)
  • Wow this was an old thread! A lot has changed since 2013 and NAS devices work much better on macOS these days. Great to hear that everything is working well for you @TheBrady.

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