pre-sale question
  • Hi folks,

    I'm currently testing out the demo version of SecuritySpy and so far really liking what I'm seeing. The options for fine tuning the motion detection are light years ahead of the onboard software on the camera (Q-See QCN8002B).

    I do have a quick question I thought I'd ask:

    Is it possible to run motion detection 24 hrs a day but only fire off email alerts during a certain period? Say overnight between 1am and 7am? I'd like to be able to capture motion all day but only really alert me via email overnight.


  • Found the answer - it can be set via Apple Script. Clever. I'm a customer now. Thanks for a great app.
  • Hi Jason, great to hear you found the answer to your question. For other users viewing this discussion, we have a page of AppleScript examples that includes a script that demonstrates this.

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