V380 cam on dektop PC
  • Hi all,
    i just bought a v380 cam to use as a home security cam with my desktop PC.
    What happens is my desktop PC is connected to a normal server modem by wire, but the cam stays away from modem wifi signal so i installed a wifi repeater where i conected a v380 cam. To test the cam i installed V380 app in my droid phone and to use the cam with phone, at first in phone wifi setup screen i connect the phone to cam ( MV14380381 ) so i open the v380 app and connect with repeater and all work fine.
    So install a v380 software windows version in my PC and no way to make the cam works, in win V380 i tried add manualy with cam ID but not work cause cam is connected to repeater and my PC connected by wire to my main router.
  • Sorry, this forum is for discussing topics related to our Mac CCTV software SecuritySpy, we can't help with Windows or Android-related issues. Your question sounds like it should be put to the developer/manufacturer of your v380 camera software.

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