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Dogs constantly triggering "human detected"

edited April 2020 in SecuritySpy
Hi Ben, our small dogs trigger the "human detected" action despite having the sensitivity slider set to 90. Are there anything recommendations for diagnosing this, or any way we can help provide image frames to get the human detection algorithm improved to reject animals? Or is this expected unless at a level of 90? Thanks!


  • This blog post should help: Optimising SecuritySpy’s AI Object Detection.

    Dogs should be effectively screened out by the algorithm, so I'm curious to find out more here about what could be going wrong. As per the advice in the above blog post, once you have set up the "AI Predictions" folder, could you please email us some of the images that show the AI predictions for your dogs?
  • Thanks Ben, will do. I also get a lot of fake human detection events just from spider webs swinging around in front of the image. I also get vehicle detected events with active spider webs that swing back and forth across a parked vehicle that will then occasionally trigger it as a newly identified vehicle. Will read through the optimization and collection some photos.
  • If there is a vehicle in the frame, then this would cause the vehicle AI to trigger, whether it's the vehicle itself moving or something else (e.g. spider webs) moving in front of the vehicle. This is a known limitation of the AI - it can effectively recognise objects, but can't tell if they are the thing triggering the motion detection or not.

    But the spider webs should not trigger the human AI too much. The most likely explanation for this is simply that our AI (like all such algorithms) is less than 100% accurate - in fact in our testing it is 95% accurate - so if you have spider webs moving continuously and triggering motion all day, then it will still let through 5% of these events, which may be a significant number of triggers. In this case, looking at clearing the spider webs, and perhaps improving the lighting (i.e. less light on the spider webs, more light on the area of interest), would be the solution here.
  • Just to follow up on this, we have now added an AI animal detector to the latest version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.5). This addition makes the AI much more able to tell the difference between animals and humans, so this should certainly help with the above problem. Any feedback is welcome.

  • holy cow! animal detection? this just changed my plans. thank you!!

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