"Screen control session initiated" notifications
  • I have been getting notifications that a screen control session was initiated (a dozen or so times a day) by my admin account, but I haven't used screen control in a couple of weeks.

    Do I need to worry that my admin account credentials were compromised and someone has been in my Mac remotely?

    The log doesn't make much sense to me, but is mostly requests for image files from the various cameras. I do have sync.com uploading still images from my cameras so I have cloud copies - could this explain this behavior? I also check the live images with the web server quite often each day.

    In the meantime, I've turned off "Allow Screen Control for Administrator accounts". Should I be freaked out, or is this normal behavior that I never noticed before?
  • There are two possibilities here:

    1. You have a browser window open somewhere, perhaps forgotten about, that is on the screen control page.

    2. A hacker has obtained your admin password to SecuritySpy.

    If you don't think it's the first option, then I would strongly recommend that you change your admin password. Make sure to always use secure passwords.

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