Changing I-frame rate on Hikvision Camera
  • Lately I've been seeing an error in SS that reads, "Error performing motion capture for the camera "FrontCam", motion capture mode has been disarmed. 5.2.1,5575,55340,818 Failed to record video frame. The key frame interval from the network device is too high, locate and change this setting in the device (may be called I-frame interval / I-frame rate / GOV length / Intra frame period)."
    When I go into the setting of the camera at configuration/Audio&Video is shows a I Frame Interval of 50 put does not seem to allow me to change it. I am using a browser by navigating to the URL of the camera. Any help would be much appreciated.
  • SecuritySpy will only throw this error when the I-frame Interval reaches a very large value - 150 or so. This makes the video stream rather difficult to deal with, and can lead to unexpected behaviour for the user (e.g. long delays when a frame is required, long pre-capture times), hence SecuritySpy imposes this maximum value.

    I'm surprised that your camera does not allow you to change the I-frame interval, but I believe this happens when you're using the "plus" variants of the standard codecs (e.g. H.264+ or H.265+). These are Hikvision-proprietary variants that use some tricks (such as very long I-frame intervals) to reduce bandwidth. If so, can you please change the codec to the standard variant (e.g. change from H.264+ to H.264).

    Does this fix it?
  • That did it. Removing the + rebooted the camera with the ability to change the I-Frame once the camera was back online. Had been defaulted to 50 to set back to 40. Will see what that does for my warnings. Thank you.
  • Great knowledge from Ben - again.
  • Awesome Ben, wealth of knowledge and fixed my issue.
    The issue only seemed to occur with my setup with motion capture on as well I noticed.

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