iOS motion notifications without image
  • My iOS motion notifications often have no attached image. This behavior seems to occur at night. During the day the notifications have images. When I use email motion alerts instead there is always an image.

    I’m using iOS 13.3 but I’ve had this problem in previous versions.
    SecuritySpy v4.2.12

    Has anyone had a similar experience?
  • The iOS app needs a route to connect to the server in order to obtain the notification image. If you can open the app and view cameras, then this route is working, but if you can't view cameras via the app (e.g. you get a "connection failed message when you attempt this), then this isn't working and you will need to look at your Remote Access setup.

    If this isn't the issue, then one reason for this could be a problem we have identified with this mechanism that prevents it working over WiFi when the iOS device is connected to the same local network as the Mac running SecuritySpy, in certain circumstances. Is that the case here? Do you get notifications when on the cell network (3G/4G/LTE) but no notifications when on WiFi? If so, we can send you a beta version of the iOS app that fixes this.
  • Thanks.

    The first scenario is not the issue, but the second may be. I'll have to experiment a bit and get back to you.

    Thanks again
  • Looks like being on the same network as the server is the issue.
  • It sounds like this may be a problem that we have now fixed in the next update to the iOS app, which we are currently working on. I have added you to our group of external testers so that you can obtain a beta version of the app to test. This is done via the "TestFlight" app that you can obtain from the app store. You should have received an email with an invitation to test it - once you have it installed please let me know if it fixes the problem.
  • @Ben and crew have been working on this problem for a while now

    Just want to commend them for taking the problem seriously, even though it may only affect a few of us, and giving us access to the beta while the fix is being worked on (BTW, the beta works great and solves the problem completely)
  • Yes. All working. Nice. Thanks so much
  • Great to hear this fixes it for both of you! We hope to have this out as an official update in the near future.
  • Not sure if I should start a new thread or continue here, but after the initial Beta fixed the problem, v1.3.0 (119) now gives an error "Connection Failed Please Install a free SecuritySpy update on your server to continue". I'm running 4.2.12. No updates available. I can't use it at all. I went back to the App Store 1.1.4 version and its working, but back to the old problem with the notifications. I reported the problem in Beta test.
  • Sorry about this - due to new features, we have to limit the new iOS app to require SecuritySpy 4.2.13 or later, which hasn’t been released yet. Here’s a link to the latest beta version of SecuritySpy v4 - please install this on your Mac and let me know if this allows the latest iOS beta app to connect.
  • All working now.

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