Skybell integration?
  • Is the Honeywell Skybell accessible thru Security Spy? It integrates with Honeywell's TotalConnect 2.0 service, so it's nice to get notices, but for the most part, I hate home automation cloud anything.
  • We have previously asked the manufacturer about this, and the answer is that the Skybell is a closed system that does not work with software products such as SecuritySpy, unfortunately.

    Hikvision has a few doorbells that work well with SecuritySpy, so you may like to have a look at these instead.
  • Curious, how many users set up a door cam to send them notices thru Security Spy? Will it send a snap shot?
  • I know that at least a few users have set this up. Once a camera is added to SecuritySpy (e.g. the Hikvision doorbell camera), you can configure all of SecuritySpy's normal notifications and recording. This includes email alerts and iOS push notifications.
  • Ben... Can you comment on which Hikvision doorbell camera model (there are several) people have had success with? Thanks!
  • I believe that would be the Hikvision "Wi-Fi Video Doorbell", model number DS-KB6403-WIP. Here's the link to the product description:
  • Hi,
    Be careful that the KB6403-WIP doesn’t work with the existing door bell chime. As I found out after looking at the 6003-WIP specs and then asking the supplier the differences between the two, and being told the 64003 was just newer spec.

    With this in mind, anybody using the EZVIZ DB1?


  • "With this in mind, anybody using the EZVIZ DB1?"

    I've been using the DB1 for a month or two. I'm using the EZVIZ app to handle visitors pressing the DB1's "doorbell" button getting iOS notifications and to communicate (video and audio) with the person at my front door. And am also using Security Spy capturing the video stream as a general purpose porch camera.

    Works fine with my existing mechanical doorbell chime and WiFi for video and audio. The video picture quality was better than I expected.

  • Hi @citysnaps could you please let me know how you have set up this doorbell in SecuritySpy? Does it support the ONVIF protocol? Thanks.
  • Sadly, no, the EZVIZ DB1 does not support ONVIF. I don't know if that has something to do with it being a WiFi device and not discoverable. I had to use its fixed IP address.

    The Hikvision profile worked fine, however; not surprising since EZVIZ is a Hikvision brand.
  • Thanks for the info, this is useful, good to know that the Hikvision profile works for this doorbell.

    Can you let me know if the two-way audio works in SecuritySpy? This feature is enabled in the Hikvision profile, so hopefully it will work in the same way that it does with any standard Hikvision camera.
  • Hi Ben... Sorry for the delay; holidays...

    Running Security Spy 5.2 and iOS Security Spy, I can hear audio outdoors from the EZVIZ DB1's microphone. But people outside on the porch cannot hear my voice from either my MacBook Pro, or iPhone X.

    I do have the Microphone turned on in both the MacOs and iOS apps, and the Microphone enabled under System Preferences (Settings for iOS) Privacy>Microphone>SecuritySpy for both the MacOS and iOS versions of SecuritySpy.

    Hope this helps I would very much like to use SecuritySpy for doorbell communications as the EZVIZ app does not work as well when my iPhone is in landscape orientation.

  • Thanks for the feedback. It's a shame that two-way audio doesn't work as-is.

    I contacted EZVIZ and they are not being helpful - they have simply stated that their cameras are not compatible with third-party software (which we know isn't the case, since the DB1 works with SecuritySpy). I have asked for further clarification, but I'm not confident that they will be able/willing to provide the information we would need to enhance support (e.g. to add two-way audio) unfortunately.
  • @Ben the DB1 appears to be a repackaged hikvision ds-hd1. For what it’s worth the hikvision is onvif but I’m having the same problem.
  • SecuritySpy version 5.2.4 has some improvements related to two-way audio, so anyone who has the DB1 doorbell, please make sure you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy, then set SecuritySpy to use the Hikvision profile under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device, and then try the two-way audio (click the microphone icon next to the camera in the Camera Info window and see if you can send audio to the camera).

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