Missing Dashboard in Catalina
  • Missing Dashboard in Catalina. Maybe someone solved this problem? :)
    Ben, maybe you will make a notification center application?
    P.S. SecuritySpy Screensaver works correctly:)
  • The dashboard window seems to work fine for me in SecuritySpy 5.0.2b11 with Catalina. Are you talking about something else? I most frequently look at recording rate versus disk pressure, and that graph seems to be working as before the upgrade.
  • The loss of the Dashboard widget is huge for me.

    I tried the Screensaver route and using SS application as a remote viewer...both are slow compared to the quick view via Dashboard and a poor solution for me.

    I would pay for a Notification Center app like an iOS app to fix this.

  • Ah, I misunderstood you then. I thought you meant the SecuritySpy->Window->Dashboard, which graphs various statistics!
  • Ben,

    As a replacement for the dashboard widget, would you consider enabling MacOS for the iOS SecuritySpy app using Catalyst. This would give a similar "quick view" as the widget did without loading the full SecuritySpy app. It should be fairly simple to try, if you haven't already.

  • We know how useful this was, and we are looking into other options, including a notification centre widget. However there is no easy solution, so this may not surface for a while.
  • Missing Dashboard as well so watching. Updating MacMini (forced due to faulty mother board/chip and new Mini is running Catalina. Went to pull up cameras on laptop running Mojave and noticed cameras would not load. I to use Dashboard as a quick way to pull up cameras while at work and find it tremendously handy.

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