Browser suggestions
  • While I like your browser, there's a couple of things I think would help improve it:
    1. date navigation requires clicking on the mouse, tabbing & keyboard inputs similar to quicken would be great, +,-,T-today, MontH (M beginning of month, H end of month), YeaR (Y beginning of the year, R end of the year)
    2. once a day is over, it should continue on the next day automatically when playing.
    3. better navigation buttons for FF, or rewind, needs to be more intuitive for scanning.
    a. right arrow plays faster for each click
    b. left arrow plays slower if playing, or rewinds per number of clicks
    4. right click on the file to open the folder in finder
    5. a zoom function where the mouse is at and sliding the mouse down expands the center of the mouse. or click-and-drag for the zoom area

  • Thanks for the suggestions. Here are my comments:

    - Have you tried JKL control? These are standard shuttle controls used in many media players, and they work in the Browser. J=reverse, K=stop, L=forward; multiple presses go faster in each direction.

    - It's not clear to me that the Browser should automatically move to the next day while playing. Especially as collating the footage for the day can take some time.

    - The right arrow icon already does result in faster play per click. As for the left arrow, while playing, we're mimicking what happens in QuickTime Player, which is that the playback then switches to rewind.

    - Right click on file currently allows you to choose a tag for the file. If you want to reveal the file in the Finder, it's Command-Shift-F (or use the option in the Browser menu).

    - There is already a zoom function: hold Command, and scroll up/down on the mouse. When zoomed in, scroll on the mouse to pan.

    My comments all apply to the latest v5.0.1 version of SecuritySpy.
  • Thanks for pointing those out.

    1. since I have my mac set up for the opposite scroll, SS needs an option to reverse it for zooming with the mouse
    2.under cameras>actions, play sound needs a volume control
    3. alarm bring to front function needs to unsleep monitor when alarm goes off
  • 1. SecuritySpy should already be taking this into account. Are you saying that to zoom in, you have to hold Command and swipe down on the mouse/trackpad? Do you see this in both the Browser and video windows?

    2. The relevant option here is "Set computer to full volume before playing sounds", under Preferences -> General. Does this do what you want?

    3. In the latest beta version of SecuritySpy there is a new option under Preferences -> Cameras -> Actions called "Wake the screen and dismiss the screensaver" that does what you describe.
  • 1. my bad
    2. No, it's not checked and still too loud
    3. awesome
  • Oh I see - I thought you were indicating that the sounds are too quiet. If you haven't enabled the "Set computer to full volume" option, then the sounds are played at whatever the current speaker level of the Mac is. Are you able to achieve the volume you want by simply reducing the Mac's speaker volume?
  • Yes, but then everything is turned down, need a separate volume control for the alarm. thanks
  • Clear mask option should be in pen format, not clear the whole camera
  • Moving a Mask would be helpful as well for when a PTZ is reset
  • Never min the clear mask option by pen, found it.
  • #2 is still so aggravating. Please program an alarm volume control within SS. When I have the volume turned to my normal volume, the alarm can be heard, not only inside the whole building, it can be heard outside the building as well. I do not need the volume of SS to be the same as the system. Thank you.
  • Hi @dougbitt, OK, in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.2.2b6) there is a volume control for Action sounds, under Preferences -> Cameras -> Actions. Please confirm this works as expected.
  • Yes, thank you, it works! However, I have the volume set @ 1, should have a different scale for the volume. Not complaining, thankful for the change. My dogs definitely appreciate the difference.
  • The new volume scale is 1-100. You have it set at 1 and you can still hear it? I'm surprised. Do you have some loud external audio system connected to this Mac?
  • Yes. It would be nice to have more accurate control in the lower volumes may be a logarithmic scale. I can't deny that I do have an amp hooked up to it, but not that large.
  • I would say that if you have the sound volume at 1% and it's still loud, then your Mac's system volume and/or amplifier volume is turned up far too high. I don't think adding more fine control of the volume at such low levels is going to be a helpful feature for users in general, so we probably won't change the way it is currently. In any case, I'm glad the new control has significantly improved things for you.
  • Most appreciated for the modification!
  • PTZ navigation would be nice to have an undo function like cmd-z for the last 10 moves, that way you could trace your steps in reverse to precisely where the camera was pointed
  • Hi @dougbitt, this is a nice suggestion but unfortunately wouldn't work. The precise amount of movement that the camera makes depends on the precise timing of PTZ commands that get sent to the camera, and this is impossible to measure accurately, as it depends on factors external to SecuritySpy (Mac load, network conditions, camera response times, differential camera speeds in different directions etc.). So any attempt to retrace the steps would diverge significantly after just one or two reverse moves.

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