Security Spy Error Reports
  • I have one older Amcrest camera seemingly on the edge of my wifi range which occasionally drops frames. Happens a few times per day. Every time this occurs, SecuritySpy send me an email:

    >Error communicating with the network device "XXXXXX". 4.2.11,10,835
    >Excessive packet loss from network device, the network may be too slow
    >or defective, or this computer may be overloaded. Check the network
    >and/or reduce this camera's frame rate.

    It seems that once Email is configured in SecuritySpy, these error reports are sent automatically, with no option to control them. Can we have a preference to consolidate error report emails into daily digests and/or disable them entirely?
  • You can indeed disable these error reports by simply removing the email address configured for error reports in the General Preferences.

    SecuritySpy doesn't report the same error twice within a 30-minute window, so you shouldn't find that you are getting more than one of these reports per half hour period. This is designed to throttle any recurring errors so that you don't get lots of emails.

    But aside from that, there is no other way to limit the rate of these emails.

    If this camera is continually generating this error, then the real solution is to fix its internet connection, either by sorting out a stronger WiFi signal, or (ideally) by connecting it by wired Ethernet if possible.
  • If I remove the email address from the General Prefs error reports field, then I receive no reports at all.

    Global preferences make me sad. ;( It would be better if there were error reporting options per camera. :)

    Yes, I realize I need to solve the underlying problem. Unfortunately, it's non-trivial due to the location of the camera. I will probably have to add a bridged wifi access point to extend the range.

    How about a preference to change that 30-minute window to 24 hours? Is the 30 minute value in a plist somewhere that I can change?
  • Sorry, this behaviour is currently fixed and there is no way to change it, even by manually editing settings files. We have to balance simplicity on the one hand with flexibility on the other, and that balance isn't always going to be ideal for every user. At this point we simply don't have enough user demand for the addition of such a setting.
  • I understand. I would just suggest, as you move forward, aim to move global prefs into the camera settings preferences so that the configuration can be more modular. Reporting is something that should be flexible. My other big ask as I've mentioned elsewhere is the ability to target different destination paths for images vs movies.
  • I just came here to the forums to look for/suggest this very thing. I have two cameras on sketchy connections, and am considering two more. They will never be on good connections. I would love to be able to say "this camera should alarm" or "ignore alerts for this camera." I get that it might be only two of us wanting this, and you can't add every request. Just my vote on wanting it.

    Even better would be some kind of "alarm if X frames lost" or if down for X minutes.

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