AI for pets
  • Hi Ben, really liking v5 and the AI works really well for humans and cars. Is there any chance of having a type for ‘cats’ so we can track our pets ? Thanks again for your continuous development of a great product.
  • I too would love for an "animal" detection as well. Found some interesting things going on at night that I would not have seen before. I really like the AI method over "changed pixels" because I used to get a lot of videos with spiderwebs/insects... now it's more or less only what I want.
  • I'm having animals picked up by the AI.

    I have one camera in my backyard, where we hold chickens and stray cats walk by. Human AI is set at 75%, and from time to time I get a notification on my watch saying 'Human detected in backyard' and I see a picture of one of our chickens or cats :-)

    I have to admit that we often talk to our chickens and cats, and they seem to understand what we say... so the 25% human that the AI detected could be very accurate...

    I don't mind the false positive, the most important thing that the AI solved for me, is as aandrew mentioned, the spiderwebs and insects triggering motion.
  • We are considering adding a detector for pets/animals in a future version. We just need more data to get the accuracy up to an acceptable level.


    Unfortunately animals can look like humans sometimes (they share many of the same features that the AI will be looking for such as limbs and faces). 75% sounds a bit low to me - try 85% instead - this should reduce your false-positive rate without making much of a difference to the false-negative rate.

    Image quality is also very important here. You'll find that low-resolution or grainy low-light images will reduce the accuracy considerably.

    The human detector is around 95% accurate. This is very high, but nothing is 100% so it does mean that if there is a lot of non-human motion (e.g. lots of chickens walking around), you will inevitably get some false-positive triggers. i.e. for every 20 non-human motion events, the AI will block 19 but will let 1 through.

    You can see what the AI is "thinking" by creating a folder on your desktop called "SS AI Predictions". If this folder exists, SecuritySpy will save image files of all motion to this folder that are annotated with labelled red boxes indicating the output of the AI algorithms. This should help you to determine the optimum AI prediction threshold level to set for your situation.
  • We get human detection with a particular neighbor dog, must resemble somebody. ???? But so glad to be able to turn up sensitivity without trees and shadows setting off the trigger. Cars don't seem to be causing triggers though, only human detection. We'll play around with that more.
  • +1 for animals. Really want to understand what beast is raiding the veggie garden; or if the dog is where he shouldn't be.

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