dashboard widget not working with https?
  • i've just updated to SS 4.2.10 on my Mac Mini at home and decided to give the dashboard widget a go on my work laptop as I like using the Dashboard for various things.

    I have double-checked all the settings but seem unable to connect the widget to the home Mac Mini via https and port 8001.
    Connecting via http and port 8000 works OK.
    Port 8001 is not blocked on my work network.

    Can anyone else confirm this is happening for them?
  • The widget does support HTTPS, so it's probably just a case of getting the settings right.

    Firstly, are you able to connect using HTTPS on that same Mac via a web browser (e.g. Safari)?

    In the Widget's settings, verify that the version number (bottom right) says 2.2.

    Make sure to enter the address in the widget with "https://" in front of it, and make sure to specify the port in the widget as 8001.
  • Hi Ben - thanks for the reply.

    Yes, I am able to connect to the camera from this MacBook Pro via HTTPS using a web browser (latest Chrome in my case, v 74.0.3729.131)

    Yes, widget is latest - v2.2

    Yes, settings are correct: "https://" in front of URL and port 8001 specified. User/pass has been carefully re-entered correctly.

    I even created a 2nd instance of the widget (one using "http://", the 2nd using "https://") so i can look at settings for both at the same time, to compare.

    I have also just tested going outside my office network and connecting the laptop to my mobile phone's hotspot, and same issue.

    Both HTTPS encryption settings are on in web settings in SS on the Mac Mini. Have tried them off as well, no change.

    This isn't a major for me at all as http:// is working, but happy to keep testing this if you would like me to.

    P.S. despite connecting OK via HTTPS in the web browser, the connection is not secure as Chrome says it's a self-signed certificate. Would this cause the issue I am seeing with the widget?
  • Where do I get dashboard widget version 2.2?
  • Here is the download link to the latest version of the Widget: SecuritySpy Dashboard Widget.

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