Meraki MV21
  • Anyone have experience with this camera. I know its intended to be used with Cisco's cloud infrastructure but was wondering if anyone tried to get it to work with SecuritySpy.
  • As this is a "cloud managed" camera, and doesn't list standard protocols in Cisco's specification list (e.g. ONVIF, RTSP), it is unlikely that this camera would work with third party NVR software such as SecuritySpy.

    I would recommend sticking with ONVIF-compatible cameras, or cameras from long-standing reliable manufacturers such as Axis, Vivotek, Dahua, Canon and Hikvision, or cameras already on our list of supported cameras.
  • Thanks Ben. I only ask because I had the chance to get one for free and was wondering if I could make it work...
  • Meraki cameras now have the option to export an RSTP feed. I've tried to set this up with securityspy however I cannot get it to work.

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