"Another copy of SecuritySpy is running"
  • Hi all,
    This happens every time after a power failure.

    SS is for ever trying to initialise.
    Finally I have to delete SS.
    After re-installation it tells me "Another copy of SecuritySpy is running"

    How is that possible if I had deleted the program? it must be in some register orso.

    However I'd really have a solution for the initialising problem after a power failure

  • Hi Michiel,

    It sounds like you have two copies of SecuritySpy on your Mac, and perhaps they are both set to automatically open upon login. I suggest you do a search for "SecuritySpy" and remove any duplicate copies of the software from your Mac - you should just have one single copy (the latest version) in your Applications folder.

    If it's taking a long time to initialise, this means it's probably looking for a custom capture destination that's missing. It will wait for a while for this to mount, and then it will eventually give up and use the default capture destination (~/SecuritySpy/Captured Files/). I suggest you go through each camera and set the capture destination again - either use the "Set Capture Destination" button to set a custom destination, or use the "Reset Capture Destination" button to clear any existing destination). This will clear any previously-remembered destinations that no longer exist. This setting is at Preferences -> Cameras -> Setup.

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