RTSP stream Misecu cam not recognised by SecuritySpy
  • I’ve bought several Misecu Chinese cams:
    Without Wifi: https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/MISECU-2-8mm-wide-IP-Camera-1080P-960P-720P-ONVIF-P2P-Motion-Detection-RTSP-email-alert/32812926864.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.5efa4c4ddbP79z
    With Wifi: https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/MISECU-H-264-Wifi-720P-IP-camera-SD-card-2-8mm-Onvif-1280-720P-P2P-Wireless/32818990156.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.5efa4c4ddbP79z

    The ones without wifi work perfectly with SecuritySpy using manual profile, RTSP TCP and this request:

    However the ones with wifi won’t connect with SecuritySpy. However VLC can read the rtsp stream without any problems using this URI:

    Also my iOS app Livecams Pro can read the rtsp stream.

    Herewith a copy of the log file of SecuritySpy:
    2018/08/21 17:03:38: Error communicating with the network device "Ingang nr.8". 4.2.6,70900,800 Failed to obtain video frame from network device. The operation timed out.

    I’ve also tried this Request: user=admin&password=&channel=1&stream=0.sdp?real_stream
    But that also didn’t work.

    What am I doing wrong?
  • With the help of Ben and some fiddling with the encoding settings in the cam it works!
    I had to turn off H264+ and audio to get SS to accept the rtsp stream.
  • I've bought another 5mp bullet cam branded Hamrolte on AliExpress:

    Both RTSP streams plays back fine with VLC on Mac or PC. But SecuritySpy displays all kinds of decoding artifacts.

    I've tried changing the H264 encoder profile to Main or Baseline. Also tried turning of audio and H264+. Also tried switching from hardware to software decoding. Sadly that all didn't help.

    In SecuritySpy my config is: Manual profile, RTSP (video and audio), Request: user=admin&password=admin&channel=1&stream=0.sdp?

    I have 7 similar 3mp, 1080p, 960p cams which all work perfectly on SecuritySpy.

    Any clues?
  • My advice here would be to try all video encoding options in the camera. If that doesn't do it try turning ON the option at Preferences > Cameras > Device > Advanced Device Options > Detect and adjust for video stream format changes.

    Does that do it? If not, I'm afraid it's unlikely that this camera will work, sorry. In this case I would recommend returning this camera and purchasing one shown as compatible on our list of supported cameras.
  • Thanks Ben. I am a happy user of your software for many years.
    I already tried all encoding options in the camera without result.
    Furthermore 'Detect and adjust for video stream format changes' gives very jerky playback.
    I am just curious why other applications (VLC, LiveCams Pro IOS) playback the rtsp stream without any problems.

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