D-link 8200LH
  • Hi,

    Anybody managed to have that camera working with SecuritySpy? The setup is through the MyDlink Home app.
  • Nevermind, found out how to do it.

    If it can help someone, here are the settings:

    Manual configuration
    RTSP 554
    user : admin
    password : pin code that is behind the camera
    request : play2.sdp (for h264), and play1.sdp (for MJPEG)

    source of info : https://www.dlink-forum.info/showthread.php?tid=3553&page=4
  • Heya, sorry a very late reply, I've got one of these cameras and can't get the RTSP stream out of the camera to SS.... any more details on this to make it work? I've got IP address as the address, http / rtsp ports as 80/554 admin / pin code / manual configuration / RTSP Audio/Vidoe as format, and request as play1.sdp or play2.sdp but can't get it to connect / work. Works fine as HTTP video with /video/mjpg.cgi as the request, but its only at 8FPS with no audio :(

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Jono, with the setup described by @fafoulon as working above, what error do you see in SecuritySpy (check the log via File menu -> Open Log)?

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