Netatmo Presence
  • Trying to get Netatmo Presence working in Security Spy. You can get a live feed of the video from a browser by finding your access key. However its in this format:

    Is there anyway to configure it ?
  • Unfortunately this camera doesn't seem to support industry-standard streaming formats for IP video surveillance (e.g. H.264 over RTSP), so it's unlikely to work properly with any third-party software such as SecuritySpy. Typically this would be a conscious decision by the camera manufacturer to tie consumers into their own subscription-based apps and services.

    SecuritySpy doesn't support m3u8 streams, as this stream format is highly unusual for IP cameras.

    The only way to get this to work would be via the camera's JPEG snapshots, which should give you good quality but poor performance (low frames per second). To try this:

    - Create a new network camera in SecuritySpy under Preferences -> Cameras

    - Enter the camera's IP address, username and password

    - Set the Profile to "Manual configuration" and set the Format to HTTP

    - Enter ACCESSKEY/live/snapshot_720.jpg as the Request

    ACCESSKEY must be the actual access key specific to your camera - do you know how to obtain this?

    Does this work?
  • Hi Ben,

    Yes your workaround works. The ACCESS KEY is obtained through the API. I found how to do this via

    I am not sure if there are other ways to access the video stream, the m3u8 stream is the one I've found so far.

  • Just to confirm - works for me just fine (in 2020 :) )

  • ok, but how does homekit get the local stream from the precense?
  • I think it’s because the streaming format (.m3u8) is Apple’s HLS ( which supports this video feed.
  • Hey @Shapa,

    could you explain how you got the Netatmo Presence to work in SecuritySpy? Would really appreciate it!

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