Using SS with a freestanding NVR
  • I already use SS, and I am pleased with it. That said, I plan to add an external NVR as I run other software on my imac that occasionally compromises it's stability. I integrate SS with Indigo ( for home automation purposes, and I wish to continue this.

    Question: Generally speaking, or even specifically, how does one integrate a freestanding NVR with the imac hosting SS? The NVR I am strongly considering is the Amcrest 4108E (supplies power over ethernet).

    Many thanks,
  • Some NVRs will work with SecuritySpy, though many won't (after all, NVRs are all-in-one devices that aren't designed to work with third-party NVR software such as SecuritySpy, and therefore not all implement standard streaming protocols).

    Although we've never tested SecuritySpy with an Amcrest NVR, it seem highly likely to work, because Amcrest helpfully publishes information about how to set up the streams (Amcrest - RTSP Stream URLs for NVRs). According to this information, you should simply be able to use the Amcrest profile already built into SecuritySpy to access any camera connected to the NVR (use a different "Input or stream number" in SecuritySpy under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device for the different cameras connected to the device).

    The other brand of NVR that works with SecuritySpy is Hikvision I believe (though again we have never tested this ourselves).
  • Awesome, I will investigate, and thanks for the rapid response!
  • I figured 1-year follow-up might be helpful; I forgot I asked this!

    You can individually access EACH of the rtsp feeds from multiple cameras (8 for me) from the NVR itself. The above NVR doesn't allow any traffic outgoing (e.g. a snapshot.cgi) other than the rstp feeds and the web-server. Also, SS did better with direct talk with the cameras rather than listening to the cameras via their NVR rstp port.

    Pleased that Ben entirely nailed the answer to this question a year ago.

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