Logitech Circle 2 Camera Support
  • Do you or will you be able to support the Logitech Circle 2 cameras?
  • This camera is very new, so there's not much information about it. The specifications from Logitech do not indicate standard streaming protocols that would allow the camera to be used with third-party software such as SecuritySpy. Furthermore, cameras that use batteries (like this one) aren't going to be able to stream video continuously due to power constraints, so I think it's doubtful that this camera will work with SecuritySpy. Best to stick to cameras that support ONVIF and/or cameras that are already on our list of compatible cameras.
  • I’m assuming support for the wired version of this was never an option either?
  • That appears to be correct - it looks like a closed system that uses their own apps and (paid) cloud storage.
  • My Logitech Circle View Doorbell Camera is Apple HomeKit compatible will I be able to connect it to My Security Spy System?
  • Hi @takachsin - I'm afraid not. SecuritySpy requires the camera to support RTSP streaming, which is the industry standard for IP video products, but this particular doorbell camera apparently does not support RTSP. Please see our Supported Cameras list for information about which cameras will work with SecuritySpy.

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