Dome Camera Physical Install Suggestions?
  • I'm interested in installing a dome type WIFI cam ( like this: ) in a porch-like outdoor location, in the ceiling, well protected from weather. I don't want to go the POE route for both (ease of) wiring and security considerations.

    The problem I think I'm going to run into is that the wall-wart transformer looks pretty big for this unit, and I was hoping to find an electrical box that would recess enough to fit the transformer and allow the cam to flush mount to the wood ceiling. These look too small ( ). I could fabricate a spacer if I needed more depth, but the transformer will probably need more width and height. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this sort of install. Many thanks in advance for any assistance.
  • According to this camera's manual, it accepts standard 12v DC power, so you may be able to find a physically small power adapter from another company.

    Another option is to have the power adapter elsewhere and simply run the cable to the camera (I don't know whether this is a viable option for you).
  • Thanks @Ben. I'll try to tackle this once I have a working setup for the MacOS and iOS app working together. So far, I don't have a usable solution yet. Trying to sort it out thru email support. Thanks very much.

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