Methods to display camera image on a TV via HDMI
  • Hi, I'm in my eval period with SS. The SW is woking great on the computer running SS but that computer is not colocated with my TV. Right now, if I get a motion detection my home automation SW switches my TV's receiver to an HDMI port which should be showing me the live camera input.

    I have very little room left in my AV area so I have tried a tiny Rasberry Pi solution to get the video displayed on the TV reliably. I have not had much luck with Pi running a web server pointed that the SS camera page.

    When the HDMI switch happens the page is always there but usually (after some time) the image is no longer refreshing. I can reload the page and it starts working but I'm looking for something that I don't need to futz with to get a quick look at the camera image on my TV automatically. This may be an issue with the Pi but I don't have much room and a full-size computer seems overkill.

    I was wondering what others are doing to create an HDMI signal that is always showing a camera image - I thought this would be easy but it is turning out to be just the opposite.
  • There is currently no ideal solution for this.

    One option is to use our SecuritySpy tvOS app running on an Apple TV. This can display cameras full screen from any SecuritySpy server.

    Another option, if your Mac has an HDMI monitor port, or a spare Thunderbolt port to which you can connect an HDMI adaptor, is to use an HDMI-over-Ethernet extender (e.g. Lenkeng LKV373A). This will appear on the Mac as a second monitor, on which you can use SecuritySpy's full screen mode, or position a Group window.
  • Thx Ben, I tried with my Apple TV yesterday (after trying Chromecast) and so far the Apple TV latch-up is rock solid and works great.

    Thanks so much for the information. I didn't think I could get this working reliably but you saved the day!!!!
  • Great to hear that! Thanks for reporting back.

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