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Feature Request (Web Grid forward/back buttons)

edited July 2016 in SecuritySpy
Hey Ben,

When viewing images/videos in grid mode, or list, it would be nice to have arrows to move forward and back when looking at them in full/large screen mode. Going back and forth from image to grid, to image then to grid, adds time, and its harder to see those little thumbnails...

Maybe and option to increase the size of the thumbnails?

Jonathan Larsen


  • Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for your suggestion. Do you mean via the web server? I think this is a good idea, we'll work on this for a future update.
  • Yes in the web server. It would be nice for it to be a little more user friendly. One of the biggest time sucks is trying to find/see the motion/recored data, and anything to speed that process up, is greatly appreciated.
  • Greetings,

    Just now; I discovered this post. I have the same question/suggestion. I am running the most recent beta and have tried different browsers. Is this off the development table? Not a big deal. Just wanted to make sure I was not missing something in my setup.

    Thank You.

  • Hi @knowz we are currently working on a range of improvements to the web interface - stay tuned :)

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