Peeple - peephole camera
  • Hi there,

    I have been keeping an eye on the forthcoming peephole camera from -

    The idea is it detects someone approaching your door, a door knock or bellpush (via a Bluetooth (tbc) enabled bellpush) that initiates a recording/photo of whoever is at the front door via it's camera. The device fits neatly on the inside of a front door with it's camera sensor recording through an existing peephole. Since it is only activated on an event it can run on it's internal battery circumventing the need for AC or DC power to the front door. The device is also WiFi connected.

    The Peeple camera has won an innovation prize sponsored by John Lewis in the UK.

    I think this is a pretty neat product and since it does not need additional wiring should really take off. I have attempted to contact the developer to enquire about the device API as I have already installed a relay operated z-wave binary device on my door bell circuit that links to an Indigo server. The device also appears to be motion activated so could be used as a trigger to run additional scenes.

    Adding this post here as my +1 vote for SS support for this camera product.
  • This is interesting, we haven't heard of this device yet. That web site doesn't appear to be the correct one though - do you have another URL to read about the device?

    However if it runs on battery, it will not be able to stream video continuously, which is what SecuritySpy would need to be able to use any device. Most likely it will be triggered by another sensor (doorbell push, PIR etc.) that powers up the device and starts it recording. So I'm not very hopeful that we will be able to support it.

    If you are looking for a tiny camera to use in a front door, I would recommend having a look at the Axis pinhole camera.
  • The URL works fine now - it must have been a temporary problem.

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