Foscam FI9831P
  • SecuritySpy doen't work with?

  • Sorry SecuritySpy doesn't officially support the FI9831P at this time - please choose a camera from our list of compatible cameras - let us know if you would like some specific recommendations.
  • Ben does SS officially support the F19900p ?
  • No worries just found it on your supported list.
  • Just out of curiosity what happened between 3.4.7 and 3.4.8 that the FI9831P doesn't work with the latter? I have it working under 3.4.7 but it doesn't seem to want to connect in 3.4.8. Thanks.
  • Hi Steve - the only change between these two versions was the default port set for the Foscam H.264 profile. Previously this was set to 88, because all the Foscam cameras we had seen up to that point used 88 for RTSP (which is a non-standard port). However, subsequently we observed some Foscam cameras using port 554 for RTSP (which is the standard port that all cameras should use), so we changed the default port to 554.

    So, if you have a Foscam camera that was working in 3.4.7 but not 3.4.8, specifying a RTSP port of 88 (in the Video Device Settings window) should resolve the problem.

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