SecuritySpy and Mac mini set up
  • apologies for the simple question... my Mac Mini is connected to a wireless network. the five IP cameras (Dahua IPC-HFW4300S 3MP) are attached to a PoE switch, which is connected to the Mac Mini via ethernet. In order to connect to the cameras, i have set the Ethernet port to manual on the same subnet as the wifi (IP address in order to see the cameras on start up, i have to turn wifi off. if wifi is on during start up, then the cameras are not visible. i have to turn wifi off, connect via browser to their IP, get them working, then i can turn wifi on. i suspect my settings are not correct. would you be able to post instructions for network connection with a mac connected to the wifi, but cameras connected to ethernet? thanks in advance. love your product and all your feedback...
  • Hi - in this case your Mac mini is effectively connecting to two separate networks (the WiFi network and the wired ethernet network), so you will need to use a different subnet on each (which is defined by the first three numbers of the IP address).

    So for the wired network, set all IP addresses of all devices to 192.168.2.x (i.e. your Mac's ethernet connection in the Network system preference, as well as all the Dahua cameras), where x is a different number (e.g. 1, 2, 3 etc.). Then enter these new IP addresses in the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy for each camera. After doing this, you will be able to simultaneously connect to the cameras as well as the WiFi network.
  • Perfect!! thank you so much!

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