Code or Utility make a cam pan to presets?
  • I have a number of Foscam IPCams that I want to set up using the Preset options. The Presets work great using the standard Foscam setup software but there is not an option to cycle through the presets at defined time intervals.
    There are some programs that contain this function but they are a little costly and do way more than I need to do.
    Does anyone know of a utility, macro or code to perform this feature. I.E. Preset 1, wait 10 minutes, Preset 2, wait 10 minutes, Preset 3 and return to the beginning and start over.
  • Sorry to post my question above. I came to the forum from a query and skipped the home page. Did not realize this was an Apple based forum.
  • If you're using the Foscam camera in our software SecuritySpy, then there is a way to do this - let me know if you want more information about this.
  • I don't have a Foscam camera yet but would be interested in more information on this. I can imagine an alarm system triggers an event sent to SecuritySpy which the moves a PTZ camera to the preset location of that alarm/event. Nice, one camera can monitor multiple areas.
  • This can be achieved using AppleScript. See the Pan/Tilt/Zoom Auto-Patrol AppleScript Example that shows how to tell SecuritySpy to automatically pan to the different preset positions after a set time delay.

    If you can get your alarm system to trigger an AppleScript, the same command can be used to tell the camera to move to a particular location.

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