Humble Feature Request: cropping tool
  • SwiftCapture is a remarkably good replacement for the bundled software which came with my Terratec G1 USB video capture device (and probably a lot of similar older Quicktime 7 based devices).

    As analog video often contain "junk" on the edges, it would be great if SwiftCapture in addition to the great gamma, saturation and sharpness controls would have a cropping tool with sliders for cropping off the sides, either proportionally, or individually (with resulting slight distortion).

    I don't know if this is a trivial undertaking, as it would involve scaling the result to the desired output resolution.

    BTW - does SwiftCapture work both with older Quicktime-based drivers and newer AV Foundation drivers? I've noticed that some newer capture apps I evaluated failed to find my Terratec amongst available input sources (for instance, I can record Terratec-video with the Quicktime 7 player, but not with the QuickTime X player).

    Or am I misinformed - is there a difference?

    Rabbe Sandelin
  • Hi Rabbe,

    As you have discovered, such devices use old-style QuickTime "VDIG" driver software, which is now quite outdated. Newer devices use QTKit/AVFoundation driver software. SwiftCapture works with all these frameworks (as well as the Blackmagic API and FireWire DV devices) in order to support the maximum range of possible input devices. We know that there are a lot of these older devices still in use and we wanted to support as many as possible.

    Having said this, analog video is in decline, and we don't want to invest too much time in features that won't be useful to the majority of our customers. Therefore we aren't planning a crop tool at the moment. However if enough customers request this we will consider it for a future update.

    In this meantime you can use a utility such as Handbreak to crop off the edges of the video. In this case you'll want SwiftCapture to record in some intermediate format such as ProRes, and use Handbreak for the final encoding.

    Hope this helps.
  • ok, thanks!
    Analog i certainly on its way out, but from time to time I receive a batch of old VHS or other analog stuff to be converted. The workaround is certainly a possible route in bad cases of "junk".

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