Detecting wi-fi cameras off line
  • I have 5 cameras that are all on my wi-fi network. One camera on occasion will disappear from the network. I want to be able to detect that. Does SS have a means to determine if a camera is on line? It must, because SS tries to reconnect. It is not able to. I have to go to the camera and power cycle the camera. If there is a way for me to detect that condition, I can have my Home automation system do the power cycling for me.
    Thanks sf any suggestions.
  • Yes this is possible using AppleScript. We've just put up an AppleScript Example that demonstrates how to detect when a camera is offline. There will be a way to link this up to your home automation system (e.g. by sending an HTTP request to it). To get the AppleScript to run on a regular basis, use something like CronniX.
  • I also have the same issue. Thanks for this useful information shared in this forum. It is very helpful for me. Now i can sort out the issue of my cam.

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