PTZ Control
  • We have a combination of Pelco and CyberHome PTZ cameras. Currently they are controlled using Kalatel (GE) KTD404 joysticks through a Kalatel KTD440 matrix switch. If we were to run SecuritySpy with Axis P7216 encoders would we be able to use these joysticks? Can we bypass the Kalatel devices and use the SecuritySpy PTZ controls in combination with the P7216? Are there other options?

  • Hi Doug,

    SecuritySpy currently does not support any joysticks. However SecuritySpy will be able to control PTZ via the Axis P7216 encoder via its own user interface, if Axis provides suitable driver software to send the right serial commands to the cameras (I believe they do support the Pelco protocol).

    Alternatively, keep your existing Kalatel setup for joystick control, and run SecuritySpy/P7216 in parallel for the video capture.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thank you. I'll keep the current PTZ control in use and look into what Axis will let me do in the future.


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