SecuritySpy 3.4.2 & Foscam FI8905W (Setup)
  • I have been using SecuritySpy for years in two locations. One is with an Apple iSight camera with a MacMini Server (10.8.5) and the other location is with a USB cam and a MacMini Server (10.9.5). They have always worked without a problem. I recently purchased a Foscam FI8905W network camera. I was testing the setup with the server I have the USB cam on. So far I could not get SS to see the Foscam network camera. The web setup was not a problem. Was able to get both ethernet and wifi to work just fine via the Foscam web interface and can see the active camera in the web interface. But can not get SS to "see" the camera (assuming I have to set it up as a network camera). I see several Foscam presets, but not one for the FI8905W. Is there another preset I should use, or set it up manually? I do Apple consulting and am very familiar with network, wifi, etc. My test network was with a Verizon FiOS router, which can be very daunting to manage the port forwarding. The real location will be managed by an Apple TimeCapsule for all network services. I assume this camera should work, just seems a bit tough to get setup. If the camera is on the local wifi network, should I have to do port forwarding on the router for SS to see the camera?
    Thank you,
  • Hi Philip,

    As this is a JPEG Foscam camera, you should have no problem using it in SecuritySpy with the correct settings.

    If the Mac is on the same local network (LAN) as the camera, then no port forwarding settings are required.

    Firstly, please make sure you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy. Then, follow these steps to add the camera:

    - Open the Video Device Settings window and add a new network device
    - Enter the camera's IP address and username/password
    - Select the "Foscam JPEG" profile as the device type

    Does this work? If not, have a look at the Log file (which you'll find in the SecuritySpy folder within your Documents folder) for clues as to what might be going wrong.
  • Thank you Ben. Choosing Foscam JPG solved the problem. Everything is setup and working.
  • Great! Thanks for posting back to let us know.

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