Cameras switch to passive mode unexpectedly
  • I am still testing and tweaking my system. I have a Trendnet camera and a Dauha. I was noticing sometimes when I would look at securityspy that one or both would be in passive mode when I was quite sure I left them in active mode. To be sure, I double triple checked they were both in active mode before I left for vacation on July 6. When I returned on July 13, both were in passive mode. One of the cameras recorded through July 8, the other July 11.

    What may cause this?
  • Firstly, make sure that neither of the camera is set to use a schedule. If you want the cameras to be Active all the time, simply set them to Active mode manually and they should stay in this mode.

    Secondly, have a look at the log (open SecuritySpy -> File menu, -> Open log) for any errors that may have occurred, as this would be the only reason why SecuritySpy would switch the mode back to Passive.
  • 1.) They are manually set to active with no schedule.

    2.) I am getting an error rather regularly on the Duhua:

    07-20-2014 2340-30: Error communicating with the network device "Duhua 1" 3.4,10,835 Excessive packet loss from network device, the network may be too slow or defective, or this computer may be overloaded. Check the network and/or reduce this camera's frame rate.

    I have 1.49 TB of 3TB drive available at the time of this post. It is a 2.9 GHz Core i5 with 16 GB 1600 DDR3. The mac is basically doing nothing else. The camera is connected via cat5e to TP-LINK gigabit injector to a gigabit port on the router.
  • The packet loss problem may cause a small amount of transient video corruption (a few frames in a row perhaps), but would not be causing the camera to revert to Passive mode.

    Are there any other obvious errors in the log? Look at around the date and time that you say the cameras stopped recording.

    As for the packet loss, this is fairly common and if it's infrequent then it's not a big problem. If you are currently using UDP transport you could try using TCP instead to see if this makes a difference (see the Format setting in the Video Device Settings window). Otherwise, you could try reducing the frame rates that the cameras are sending video to SecuritySpy (set this in the cameras directly).
  • Here are two others:
    07-17-2014 1957-17: Error communicating with the network device "Duhua 1" 3.4,70900,800 The operation timed out

    07-17-2014 1957-18: Error communicating with the network device "Duhua 1" 3.4,70219,32 Broken pipe (EPIPE)
  • These are both network errors and will cause the camera to go offline. When this happens, SecuritySpy will continually attempt to re-connect to the cameras, and when this is successful it will switch the cameras back to Active mode.

    When you came back from your vacation, were the cameras actually connected in SecuritySpy showing video, or did you see blue screens, which indicate connection problems?
  • I had video on the screen, just in passive mode.
  • Please can you email us your entire error log and we will take a close look (please attach it as a file to your email; don't copy-and paste it). Thanks.
  • I have the very same problem with all my cameras

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