Pixilation on cameras
  • I thought this was a problem with my cameras but now Im leaning towards software.

    When I log into securityspy web server from another computer and look at a camera, sometimes the top of the camera is pixelated. About 20% the screen. I believe it is where the date and timestamp is but that may be a coincidence.

    if I log directly into the camera there is no pixelation.

    if I reboot the camera the pixelation goes away.

    I just noticed this, but the status shows MD and I think what is a red "R". The other cameras show "Idle"

    This is random and can happen with any camera. Once it happens it stays until I reboot the camera OR reboot security spy (another reason I think it is not the camera).

    Any ideas?

    Thank You
  • I just saw the MD means motion detection. I think what may be happening is it detects motion and then gets stuck in that status. I say this because it is stuck on MD and there is no motion.

    So still an issue, just wanted to add more details.
  • Hi Johnny - please can you email us screenshots to demonstrate this problem? To capture a screenshot, press cmd-shift-4 and select the area of the screen to capture; a file called "Screen shot" will appear on your desktop. Also please let us know the make and model of the camera.

    This is not a known problem with SecuritySpy, plus if the problem is resolved by restarting the camera then this suggests a camera issue, however when we see the screenshots we may be able to advise further.

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