PTZ control
  • I have 2 Lorex LZC7091B PTZ cameras connected to 2 Planet IVS-H125P H.264 Internet Video Servers. I can control the cameras in the Planet web interface. I'm using the ONVIF protocol to interface to SecuritySpy, but I cannot control the cameras at all. There is only 1 ONVIF profile to use. Any ideas of what is wrong?
  • Hi, have you tried the existing IVS-100 profile in the device list in SecuritySpy? This may very well work with your video servers even though the exact model number is different.

    If that doesn't work, then we would have to investigate why the device is rejecting SecuritySpy's PTZ ONVIF commands. Let me know.
  • The IVS-100 profile doesn't work at all.

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